Tales and legends of Ba Be Lake

Tales & Legends of Ba Be lake

Ready to plunge into the wonderful world of Ba Be Lake legends? Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a magical journey!

Three Sisters - Three Lakes

The legend of the three lakes

Did you know that Ba Be Lake is made up of three linked lakes?

Once upon a time, these lakes were three inseparable sisters, known for their beauty and kindness. When a terrible flood hit the region, they sacrificed themselves to save the inhabitants by transforming themselves into lakes.
Another version of the legend recounts that they escaped a forced marriage thanks to the intervention of the gods, who transformed them into lakes to keep them together forever, forming the magnificent Ba Be.

The legend of the old beggar woman

A legend not unlike the one just mentioned.

A poor woman arrived in the village, but was rejected by everyone except a widow and her son. Do you know who she really was? A celestial dragon! To thank them, she warned them of an impending flood. Thanks to her advice, they were able to survive by boat as the valley turned into a lake, giving birth to Lake Ba Be.

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The fairy with long golden hair

The legend of the fairy with long golden hair

Listen to the story of the fairy with the long golden hair.

A young fisherman fell in love with her melodious song. They met at the lake, but she had to leave, promising to return. The poor man waited for her all his life… It is said that the golden reflections on the lake at sunset are the hair of the fairy who is still searching for her lost love. Romantic, isn’t it?
A less glamorous version sees these reflections as the fairy combing her hair.

The legend of the golden fish

How would you like to catch a talking golden fish?

That’s what happened to an old fisherman. In exchange for his freedom, the fish granted him 3 wishes: food, company and peace for his village. It’s been said ever since that the golden fish still watches over the lake and its inhabitants.

The talking golden fish

The legend of Pearl Island

A beautiful young girl named Nàng Tiên possessed a magic pearl. One day, an evil spirit, jealous of her beauty and the villagers’ prosperity, flooded the village. Nàng used her pearl to save everyone, sacrificing herself to become the island of the lake. The villagers erected a temple in her honor, and it is said that her sweet song can still be heard floating on the waters.
A variant of this legend tells of an enchanted island covered in pearls and gold, guarded by spirits or supernatural creatures, accessible only to the pure of heart.

The legend of the Tree of Spirits

Let me finish with the legend of the Tree of Spirits, known to the locals as “Cây Thần”.

An abused young boy named Lang took refuge under a sacred tree sheltering benevolent spirits. These spirits gave him a magic seed which grew into a new protective tree, bringing prosperity to the village. Lang became a respected leader, teaching the importance of respecting nature.

The legends of Ba Be are filled with fantastic creatures, wondrous transformations and beautiful life lessons. They celebrate nature and goodness, and encourage respect for ancestors and traditions.

A real treasure to discover during your visit to this enchanted region!

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