Celebration of the full moon of the first month of the year: Tết Nguyên Tiêu

Tet Nguyen Tieu, also known as the Lantern Festival, is a traditional celebration in Vietnam and other Asian countries. Its origins date back to the Han dynasty in China and it symbolizes the tribute to the ancestors, the end of a rebellion and the revival of spring. A popular legend tells the story of an emperor who meets a goddess and receives a magic lantern as a gift. This festival marks the end of the Tết festivities and the beginning of the lunar new year.

Tet Nguyen Tieu

Tet Nguyen Tieu,overview

The emperor Han Wudi received a precious gift from a goddess, a magical lantern. He vowed to use the lantern to guide his people and decreed that it should be lit every year on the 15th day of the first lunar month. This tradition spread throughout China and became an important celebration. The 15th day of the first lunar month is considered a day for divination and spiritual purification. Lanterns represent light that drives away evil spirits and brings luck. During Tet Nguyen Tieu, people consult fortune tellers for predictions about their future. Divination involves various methods such as astrology, palm reading, spirit invocation, and dream interpretation. These practices provide guidance on love, relationships, career, and finances.

Tet Nguyen Tieu, a family celebration

Tet Nguyen Tieu is a festival celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month, marking the end of Tet and the beginning of a new year. It holds spiritual significance, with lanterns symbolizing light that dispels darkness and brings luck. The festival is a time for reflection, making wishes for the future, and celebrating with family. The full moon on this day represents perfection, harmony, and family gatherings. Traditional food, such as banh chung and xoi gac, is enjoyed during the festival, with each ingredient symbolizing different aspects of life. The sharing of round sticky rice cakes, known as banh troi nuoc, represents family bonds and hope for a sweet and prosperous new year.

Dance of the Dragons

The Tet Nguyen Tieu festival is not just about lanterns and legends, but also a time for families to come together and share traditional dishes. It is marked by dragon and lion dances, creating an exciting atmosphere. The festival has different meanings and origins, including the celebration of spring, victory and peace, and Buddha’s birthday. It is a celebration of Vietnamese culture and heritage, symbolizing resilience and the spirit of the people. The festival is deeply rooted in history and tradition, allowing people to honor their ancestors and cultural heritage. It is a reminder of the strength of the Vietnamese people in the face of adversity.

Traditional Dishes for Tet Nguyen Tieu

Tet Nguyen Tieu, a spiritual connection

Tet Nguyen Tieu is a time of purification and renewal in Vietnam. People participate in rituals and ceremonies to cleanse their homes and minds, starting the new year with a fresh start. The festival is filled with vibrant colors, music, and dance, but also includes reflection, homage to ancestors, and seeking blessings for the new year. Making lanterns is a significant activity during Tet Nguyen Tieu, symbolizing the essence of the festival. Families gather to pay tribute to Buddha and ancestors and wish for a peaceful and prosperous year. They prepare beautiful offering trays and visit temples to pray for peace and prosperity. The celebration extends beyond families and temples, with large-scale festivals throughout the country.

To conclude

Tet Nguyen Tieu is a vibrant festival in Vietnam that brings people together to celebrate and reflect on the past year while welcoming the new one with hope and optimism. The festival is filled with colorful displays, delicious street food, traditional lanterns, and energetic lion dancers. However, it can cause disruptions in public transportation for travelers. Overall, Tet Nguyen Tieu showcases the rich culture and traditions of Vietnam.

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