Ba Be Adventure Race 2023


With the aim of creating an exciting, challenging, and humanitarian sporting event for sports enthusiasts, while also promoting the magnificent natural beauty of Ba Be, the Ba Be Adventure Race 2023 has been carefully prepared for a long time and is officially sanctioned by the Bac Kan Provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to be held from November 16th to 18th, 2023. The race spans three days, consisting of two stages with two different disciplines: SUP/kayaking and trail marathon. The competition will involve 15 teams, each comprising 6 members. What makes this race unique and captivating is that each stage will incorporate “cultural challenges” such as spear throwing, archery, rice pounding, etc., to enhance your experience of the race in Ba Be. All proceeds from ticket sales will be used by the organizing committee to support equipment and educational tools for schools facing difficulties and shortages in Ba Be. Joining us means not only participating in a race but also creating lifelong experiences and everlasting humanitarian values.

Ba Be Adventure Race 2023 is ready to welcome 15 passionate and strong teams.

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